Weekly Digest – 31 January 2023

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Canada’s Best Employers list 2023

Forbes has released its annual list of the best employers in the country. Find out if your company made the grade here.

Thousands in fines remain unpaid after ‘Freedom Convoy’

The city of Ottawa says nearly $150k in fines are still outstanding, one year after the “Freedom Convoy” clogged city streets for weeks. The city has asked the federal government to help cover the staggering costs left in the wake of the protests.

Canadians’ opinions on inflation vary from slightly annoyed to angry

A new study by Empathy Inc. found that 73 percent of Canadians feel some type of resentment about the current inflation cycle. The level of frustration varies based on their financial situation.

Joint agreement to limit China’s access to chipmaking equipment

The US government has reportedly reached an agreement with the Netherlands and Japan to restrict China’s access to advanced chipmaking machinery. The deal would reportedly see export controls imposed on companies that produce lithography systems, including ASML and Nikon.

Asia’s richest man loses $50 billion in one day

Last week, US activist investment group Hindenburg Research released a report that accused the Adani Group of purportedly carrying out fraud for years.

Meta’s Chief AI scientist says ChatGPT isn’t groundbreaking

In an online lecture, Yann LeCun, Meta’s Chief AI Scientist, says that half a dozen other big tech companies are using similar technology regularly.

Hundreds of jobs lost as UK airline collapses for the second time

Flybe went into administration less than a year after returning to the skies following a previous collapse. All flights were immediately cancelled, and passengers were notified not to show up for trips scheduled to leave just hours later.

Understanding the underused housing tax

CPA Canada explains the underused housing tax (UHT), which can affect Canadians and non-Canadians. Find out more about it here.

Are you still missing a bag from the holiday air travel calamity?

CBC offers an explainer for Canada’s baggage woes. Many bags are still missing after the enormous travel disruptions experienced by many over the holiday season due to bad weather.

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